Welcome to ESX69 , You can call us FuckBook , because you can Get a good …. of it and still meet a destiny helper , …..

Some one is saying , are they supporting prostitution …… Eyaa NO , We don’s do so …..

Remember that Sex at First Date is not a crime In Nigeria ….. we are not trying to play logic …. but …… You can meet a Person in Nigeria and have sex with him or her , if you both agree …. is still not a crime ….About ESX69.com - Reviews - Legit Or Scam , We are real bro , try us today.

The criminal aspect of that is Collecting Money before doing it …… Not after doing it …… So let’s meet and get a Good time together.

This service is called sex dating , not prostitutions …..

Anyway , who no like good time in Nigeria ….

Even top law makers in Nigeria love Good time …..

Always protect your self.

Meet People at Open place ….

If you must sleepover , request a Hotel ….

Don’t Lower your standard , Always Visit TOP Hotels …. Take enough pictures and send to us , we approve .

If your picture is uploaded on our website , Please kindly send us a message , we will modify it and give you credit.

Last but not the least.

PAY ANY GIRL YOU GET ON THIS PLATFORM , She will in return bless your life.

Make love with each other and understand the other side of the world.

Remember when you join our WhatsApp groups and telegram channel , you will start sharing your personal pictures for people to meet you , or your business for people to buy from you.

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